Abundant Life Society
for Military Long Distance Relationships

Abundant Life Society

Abundant Life Society

Serving Military Couples & Families!

The Abundant Life Society serves those couples and families which are challenged by military deployment and separation due to military service. We function primarily though the Abundant Life Corps and its Local Packs. The backbone of the Abundant Life Corps is comprised of our Mavens. Abundant Life is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3, non-denominational Christian organization.

The Abundant Life Society encourages military couples to avail themselves, and their children, to the magnificent experiences of marriage…..even if the boyfriend or girlfriend, groom or bride, husband or wife,  is deployed, or otherwise separated, in service to our great nation.  

Among the many things that Abundant Life does, Abundant Life assists unwed couples, who are maritally-challenged by military deployment, to still become married, even while a groom or bride is actively deployed; moreover, we accomplish this by means of “proxy marriage.”

Marriage — whether made possible by “proxy marriage” or otherwise — serves to better provide for and protect children; keeps families together; safeguards relationships; assures the well-being of future generations; and honors God’s Divine Plan. 

Abundant Life:

(*) sponsors the Abundant Life Corps, which functions through Local Packs;

(*) facilitates “proxy marriage” and educates the public about “proxy marriage;”

(*) hosts a variety of local and on-line support groups and forums for girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, and husbands who are challenged by the logistics of military deployment, or by separation caused by the call to military service; 

(*) provides low-cost, sliding scale Christian relationship, marriage, and family counseling; 

(*) educates, trains, and certifies Christian counselors;

(*) offers seminars and educational events;

(*) conducts community outreach programs designed to help those who are challenged by geographical distances resultant from service in the U.S. Armed Forces. 


Our higher purposes include:

(1) providing for, and protecting, children, families, marriages, and relationships;

(2) keeping families together;

(3) safeguarding, suporting, and nurturing  marriages that are meant-to-be — even if they have not yet been formally solemnized — as well as marriages which have been solemnized, particularly in light of the challenges of deployment and separation required in serving the U.S. Armed Forces;

(4) assuring the well-being of future generations;

(5) honoring God’s Divine Plan for relationships, marriages, children, and families, in these, and in many other ways.