Abundant Life Society
for Military Long Distance Relationships

Abundant Life Society

On Being a Maven

Mavens spread the word to, and educate, unwed military couples about the option of proxy marriage. When interfacing with unwed military couples, Mavens emphasize the importance of seeking, and entering into, healthy commitment in relationships, especially when children are involved. Mavens also elucidate the military marriage benefits, that accrue upon becoming married, and that serve to protect and better care for, and support healthy military marriages and families.

Most Mavens simply make use of their already existent Networks, with which they are associated, and Nodes, which they already frequent.

Networks & Nodes

A Network is a group of people who are associated with each other, either formally or informally. For our purposes, Networks include organizations and associations that a Maven is a member of (e.g. PTA, Officers’ Wives Club, soccer club, etc.) or regularly partake in (e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Elgg, YouTube Channels, Twitter, Blogs, Message Boards, Chat Rooms, etc.). Networks also include spouses and co-workers as well as their networks.

A Node is a place (a nexus) wherein people regularly gather. For our purposes, Nodes may include: a Maven’s church, college, child’s school, local bar or pub, etc., etc.

Often Mavens will come to learn about, partake in, and utilize New Networks and Nodes, for their own personal reasons, and they use these New Networks and Nodes as further platforms from which to spread the word and educate people. At our monthly local gatherings, we educate our Mavens about various ways to expand their social circles and spheres of influence.