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A Day In The Life of a Maven

Being a Maven for Abundant Life isn’t time consuming, and doesn’t require a lot of extra effort. There are many opportunites throught your day to spread the word about Abundant Life. Here’s a day in the life of Susan Jenkins (Fayetteville, North Carolina), one of our Mavens.

7:00 am: My Husband Spreads The Word

I reminded my husband (a Commander in the Army), to tell young soldier in his troop about proxy marriage. The young man wanted to marry his girlfriend, who is stationed in Germany. My husband is great with spreading the word about Abundant Life!

7:30 am: Carpool

I carpool with three other moms, and when I picked up their kids, I gave each of their mothers an Abundant Life pamphlet.

8:00 am: My Job

I put up an Abundant Life poster on the bulletin board at my job. I work part time as one of the receptionists at a large car dealership & car repair shop. A lot of customers look at the board while they’re waiting for their cars.

12:00 pm: Lunchtime

I went to lunch with my co-workers (ladies who who work in the accounting and parts departments). We talk about what we’re up to, and I talked about being a Maven for Abundant Life.

3:00 pm: Doctor’s Appointment

One of my sons had a doctor’s appointment. The receptionist there is always talking to everyone in the waiting room, and she asked me what was new. I told her about Abundant Life. A few other ladies overheard, and wanted to know more.

4:00 pm: Playdate

I took my sons on a playdate where I met up with two other moms and their kids. I talked about Abundant Life, and they asked me for pamphlets, since they knew some unmarried moms their kids played with, that would benefit from proxy marriages.

6:00 pm: PTA Meeting

I’m active in the PTA at my kids’ school. After the PTA Meeting we all talk for a bit, and I of course mentioned to the other moms that I’m an Abundant Life Maven

8:00 pm: Friends & Family

When I’m talking to friends and family on the phone (or when we meetup), and they’re wondering what’s new with me, I tell them about Abundant Life Mavenhood!

10:00 pm: On the Internet

I love to surf the web, and I’m a member of a lot of internet forums. I especially like to talk to other military family moms. It’s a great way to meet people and tell them about Abundant Life. I’ve found sooo many ladies out there who were waiting desperately to be with their men and get married. They never heard of proxy marriage until me, but it was the answer to their prayers!