Abundant Life Society
for Military Long Distance Relationships

Abundant Life Society

Recompense Schedule ($)

Our Mavens are community-minded individuals who assist military couples and families. A Maven’s primary motive, in helping others, is the Maven’s very real concern for them, and a genuine desire to facilitate a better quality of life for them. In this process, Mavens do incur substantial expense in terms of both their time and resources. In light of these expenses, which Mavens incur in helping others, and because we like to encourage and support Mavens in their good works, Abundant Life offers Mavens nominal recompense for their efforts.

In regards to those matters in pertinence to which the Maven is the primary facilitator, a Maven shall receive recompense as follows: $75 for each solemnized proxy marriage; $50 for each immigration application; $1o for each paid Apostille Certificate request.; and $50 for each counseling referral.

Moreover, Mavens, who are certified as Christian counselors by Abundant Life, may serve in this capacity, receiving compensation, for counseling services rendered, of between $20 to $35 per hour, based on their level of certification.  

Chief Mavens (Pack Organizers), in addition to receiving the recompense which is given to regular Mavens, also receive a monthly acknowledgement, for their organizing and motivational efforts, equivalent to 20% of all recompense which is paid to the Mavens within their respective packs. This 20% is not deducted rom the amounts which are paid to regular Mavens, but, rather, is dispensed in addition to such amounts. Furthermore, each Chief Maven shall receive a $15 meeting fee, from each attendee of the Chief Maven’s “Monthly Motivational Maven Meeting,” also known as the “4M” meeting.

This Recompense Schedule is instituted in order to encourage the most active involvement by Mavens and Chief Mavens. We want to encourage their good works.