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What’s a “Proxy Marriage?”

A “Marriage by Proxy” (also known as a “Proxy Marriage”) is a marriage which is solemnized without the groom or the bride needing to be at the civil marriage ceremony. A “proxy” is a person who stands in for the groom or the bride at the ceremony. In a “double proxy” marriage, a proxy stands in for each of the groom and the bride, so there are two proxies; thus: “double proxy.”

Through an arrangement with the Montana Mountain Ministries, the Abundant Life Society helps to facilitate “double proxy” marriages in Montana. These “double proxy” marriages are recognized as being legally valid by all U.S. States (including Iowa*), all U.S. territories, the U.S. Federal Government,* and by all nations which recognize U.S. marriages.

All branches of the U.S. Armed Forces recognize the legal validity of a Montana “double proxy” marriage immediately upon its solemnization. Also, after becoming wed by means of a Montana “double proxy” marriage, a newlywed couple may enroll in DEERS, so that the married couple and their children may start receiving military marriage benefits (e.g. TRICARE, married or family BAH, educational benefits, eligibility for Survivor’s Benefits, etc.).