Abundant Life Society
for Military Long Distance Relationships

Abundant Life Society

How a Pack Functions

At the core of Abundant Life’s organization are its local packs. Each local pack is headed up by a Chief Maven, and is facilitated by the good works of Mavens, volunteers, attendees, the local community, and others.

Each local pack  has at least one General Gathering each month. Those who are involved with long-distance relationships with significant others (boyfriends, husbands, fathers, mothers, etc.) who are deployed, or from whom they are separated due to military service, are welcome and encouraged to attend. Each General Gathering is facilitated by the pack’s Chief Maven, and is designed to be a highly-interactive sharing and exploration of common challenges and possible solutions.   

Each pack also has at least one ”Monthly Motivational Maven Meeting,” also known as the “4M” meeting, which is a closed mandatory session for Mavens only. The purpose of the 4M  meeting is to train Mavens in better ways of reaching out to and serving military couples and families, and to share and explore common challenges encountered by Mavens as well as possible ways of addressing them.  

In addition to the General Gatherings and 4M meetings, local packs regularly offer classes and seminars, offers the Support Sisters and Support Brothers programs, provides training for Christian counselors, and provides outreach and other educational programs.